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Revision 2.12002-8-24Revised by: gea
There are too many projects. There are much better sites for information. This document will change its focus and be more of a stable document and pointing to active sites with better and more up-to-date information. This document is not intended to be complete, and parts of it will seem out of place in its new function.
Revision 2.0.52002-07-26Revised by: gea
Added in OpenEMR. I also need to add back in the german sections, but will need help on it.
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The Linux Medical How-To will serve as a nice and convenient meta resource directing interested parties to important sites, a few well-established/meta mailing lists.

Table of Contents
1. Preface
1.1. About the Document
1.2. Update
1.3. About the Author(s)
1.4. Copyright, Disclaimer and Trademarks
1.5. Request For Comments
2. Debian-Med
3. Community
3.1. News
3.2. Organizations
3.3. Mailing Lists
3.4. IRC
4. Medical Record Applications
4.1. Debian Med
4.2. OpenEMR
4.4. WorldVista and OpenVista
4.5. SQL Clinic
4.6. FreeB
4.7. FreeMED
4.8. Freemed-YiRC
4.9. Care2x
4.10. Medical DataServer
4.11. OpenClinic
4.12. GNUMed
4.13. GNotary
4.14. Res Medicinae
4.15. Open Infrastructure for Outcomes
4.16. LIMS - Laboratory Information Management Systems
4.17. Meditux
4.18. MEGA and Mumps Compiler
5. Medical informatics
5.1. What is it?
5.2. Good Electronic Health Record - GEHR
5.3. HL7lib - Health Level 7 Library
6. PDA
6.1. Tuxmobil PDA Information Site
6.2. Palm Pilots
6.3. Linux Devices
7. Veterinary applications
7.1. FreeVET
8. Installing a Medical Record Application (not ready yet)
8.2. Point of this section
8.3. My Assumptions About You
8.4. OIO
8.5. FreePM
9. Imaging Applications
9.1. Slicer
10. Useful Applications
10.1. KPumpe
11. My thoughts
11.1. Too Many Projects
11.2. I am biased
11.3. I work and what is needed.
12. Credits