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1. Introduction

1.1 Preamble

Linux Quake sits at the crossroads of two computing revolutions; GNU/Linux - the popular free operating system, and GLQuake - the first "first person shooter" to use OpenGL. Thanks to John Carmack releasing the software under the GPL we are able to enjoy it on non-proprietary platforms. And, despite it's age, great new maps are still regularly released.

1.2 About

This document is a guide to installing Quake and it's many related games and modifications. It includes compilation notes, tips and pointers to the best web resources, as well as some information about Quake II, III and IV. You'll also find many issues relevant to Linux gaming in general.

1.3 Notation

In some places, a shorthand is used to represent changes to a program's source code. This is of the form:

- code to be removed
+ code to be inserted in its place
and is similar to the output of the GNU "diff" program when generating unified patches.

Where the term "$PWD" is used, the user should already have executed the command cd {Linux Quake directory}, and have this as their current directory.

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