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10. Administrative

10.1 Credits

Thanks to:

This webpage was constructed using Linuxdoc-Tools-0.9.20 (currently unmaintained), Vim and Bash.

10.2 Todo

10.3 Changelog

2.09 (March 1 2010)

Added a note about Industri with Tenebrae.

+ QuakeSpasm, AudioQuake, Quore

Fixed the directory hierarchy diagram.

Many minor engine updates

2.08 (Nov 2008)

Added detailed mapping section, with much input from GB.

Quite reordered document

Added notes for other game types such as CTF and Rocket Arena, and removed FuhQuake.

Added a few links to the id store.

Added sections about performance issues, and NvAGP.

Rewrote Q3 section..

Restructured multiplayer mods sections of the document, especially the Quake II section.

2.07 (May 2008)

Added FitzQuake(!), Alien Arena, FTE QuakeWorld.

Updated VisPatch links.

Added note about SDL_AUDIODRIVER.

Consolidated links in mods section to Quaddicted.

Removed note about old versions of fluxbox.

2.06 (July 2007)

Included Travail mod, removing a few others.

Added EzQuake, World of Padman, IOQuake.

Updated TyrQuake (and binary), Darkplaces, FuhQuake and QuDos.

Re-wrote document abstracts, and the NVidia and 3Dfx sections.

Added to trouble-shooting section a note about (missing) libraries.

Miscellaneous link updates.

2.05 (February 2007)

Miscellaneous link updates.

A small section for 64 bit cpus.

Moved "Links" to it's own section.

2.04 (November 2006)

Added some troubleshooting hints for Quake IV.

A new section for (gcc-4.1) compilation issues.

Links to the Quake III Cell Shading project.

2.03 (July 2006)

Changed order of game engines, added extra compilation notes, and expanded the Tenebrae, SDLQuake and wmQuake sections.

New multiplayer entries for ProQuake, XQF and Tremulous.

Reorganised several categories in the "Other" section, including new Nvidia Tweaks, License, Changelog and Vispatch sections.

Updated the author's patched Tyr-Quake binary, with a few new hacks added to TyrQuake-0.54.

Some small changes to the featured mods.

2.02 (February 2006)

10.4 License

This document is released under GPLv2.

10.5 Other Formats

The Quake How-To is also available as a text file, a single html file. and in Turkish.

The latest version should be available here or here.

Version v1.0.1.14 (30 August 1998) of the Quake How-To is located at the original author's site.

10.6 Author

Stevenaaus lives and works in rural australia.



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