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5. Multiplayer

5.1 Nexuiz

Nexuiz is a stand-alone game using the Darkplaces engine. The recently released second version is a 200 meg download, and includes Linux and Windows binaries, source code, and a new campaign mode.

This engine makes use of many advanced lighting features, so users with less powerful video cards should try disabling these to run the game at a decent speed.

5.2 EzQuake

This project now works for me, and is looking very nice.

As well and as GL, X11 and SVGA clients, it has serious graphical and game-play enhancements and some nice documentation. It is definately a project to keep up with.

Sound may be an issue. It defaults to ALSA but to start with OSS try: "ezquake-gl.glx +set s_device /dev/dsp". To compile the GL client, type "make glx". You may have to change the Makefile thus:

- LDFLAGS = -lm -lpthread
+ LDFLAGS = -lm -lpthread -L/usr/X11R6/lib

5.3 FTE QuakeWorld

An ambitious project, FTE Quakeworld aims to offer support for multiplayer Quake as well as similar projects such as Hexen II. GB reports: "The FTE engine also runs NQ stuff and even Nehahra... even in software"!

5.4 ProQuake

From the ProQuake website: "...What you will find is a rock solid set of enhancements to unmodified netquake. Things that quake should have had from the get go.. like precise aim. Small, simple changes that improve the quality of netplay enormously. ProQuake is fully compatible with standard NetQuake. .... ProQuake is also fully compatible with the advanced features of Clanring CRMod++ version 6.0."

ProQuake 4

Older ftp repository

5.5 ZQuake

ZQuake is a QuakeWorld client with good multiplayer support.

5.6 Other Game Types


Capture the Flag

Rocket Arena

Rune Quake

5.7 Other Multiplayer Mods


Popular deathmatch mod including new weapons.

Soul of Evil

SoE in arena mode has some great melee action.

Battle Mech

Battle Mech is a top down Mechwarrior style mod. Make sure to use the 1.1 tarball.

5.8 Bots

Bots are computer generated players with artificial intelligence. Some require "waypoints" to successfully navigate.


Popular bot designed for easy integration into mods.


Highly regarded as one of the best, hundreds of maps supported.


Venerable mod by Mr. Elusive, who went on to create Gladiator bot for Q2 and the Q3:Arena bots. Needs no waypoints.

5.9 Servers

XQF and QStat

XQF is a feature rich game server browser and launcher for Quake and many other games. It is dependent on the separate program, QStat , which displays information about Internet game servers. You'll also need the Gnome Gtk and Gdk toolkits.

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