SSL Certificates HOWTO

Franck Martin

Revision History
Revision v0.52002-10-20Revised by: FM
Adding IPsec information from Nate Carlson, / Adding IMAPS and POPS information from Bill Shirley, / Adding WinCrypt information from Colin McKinnon,
Revision v0.42002-06-22Revised by: FM
Various corrections - adding ASCII Art
Revision v0.32002-05-09Revised by: FM
Adding x509v3 extension information - Correcting spelling
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Adding openssl.cnf file / Adding CRL info from Averroes, / Correcting spelling
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Creation of the HOWTO

Table of Contents
1. Generalities
1.1. Introduction
1.2. What is SSL and what are Certificates?
1.3. What about S/Mime or other protocols?
2. Certificate Management
2.1. Installation
2.2. Create a Root Certification Authority Certificate.
2.3. Create a non root Certification Authority Certificate.
2.4. Install the CA root certificate as a Trusted Root Certificate
2.5. Certificate management
3. Using Certificates in Applications
3.1. Securing Internet Protocols.
3.2. Securing E-mails.
3.3. Securing Files
3.4. Securing Code
3.5. IPSec
4. Global PKI
4.1. Current PKIs
4.2. The need for a Global PKI