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4. Requirements

Here we will see what we need to try a Sat system.

4.1 Knowledge requirement

For this trying you need some experience in internetworking under Linux (as from Net-HOWTO) and a very little of practical experience with parabolic antenna and sat systems (you should be able to pointing out your antenna, with right angles).

4.2 Hardware

We need:

  1. Parabolic antenna, also taken from an analog system.
  2. Digital converter to be placed in the middle of the antenna.
  3. Receiver card DVB compatible.
  4. a PC to connect to.

4.3 Software

Here you need a

  1. driver for the DVB card working under your O.S. (Linux, Windows or other).
  2. right setting to use it
  3. external application in some cases (such as VPN-PPTP client for ISP like Netsystem or Starspeeder).

For the software under Linux you can found the Siemens DVB driver at Linux TV Project.

4.4 TV Software

There is also some Video software used to implement TV reception:

Under Windows

  1. MultiDec MultiDec 6.6b (free with source code)
  2. TPREdit TPREdit (for Technotrend)
  3. WinTV DVBs Hauppauge or Technotrend(for Siemens compatible card, Hauppauge, Technotrend, Technisat, etc... )
  4. WinDVB2000 WinDVB2000 (about 19$).

Under Linux

  1. gVideo is an application included in Siemens driver
  2. Vdr Video Recoder (good for watch TV)

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