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9. Appendix B - Well Known Sat ISP setting value

9.1 EuropeOnLine

EON sends data from Astra satellite (19.2 SE).

MAC address is calculated from IP address (see Appendix A).

It uses "Proxy Authentication".

Follows the 4 transponder setting:

Transponder 113

Transponder 114

Transponder 115

Transponder 103

9.2 Netsystem

Netsystem uses Astra satellite (19.2 SE) to send data .

MAC address used is your real MAC address DVB card.

It uses VPN connection.

Follows data setting:

Transponder 119

9.3 Sat Node

Sat Node uses Astra satellite (19.2 SE).

9.4 Open Sky

Open sky uses Eutelsat satellite (7 SE).

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