Scientific Computing with Free software on GNU/Linux HOWTO

Manoj Warrier

Shishir Deshpande

V. S. Ashoka


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This document aims to show how a PC running GNU/Linux can be used for scientific computing. It lists the various available free software and also links on the world wide web to tutorials on getting started with the tools.

Table of Contents
1. Preamble
1.1. Copyright and License
1.2. Disclaimer
1.3. Motivation
1.4. Credits / Contributors
1.5. Feedback
1.6. Translations
2. Introduction
3. Code Development Tools
3.1. Programming Languages
3.2. Debugging Tools
3.3. Version Control Tools
3.4. Integrated Development Environments
4. Mathematics Packages
5. Numerical Methods and Libraries
5.1. Repositories
5.2. Other topic specific numerical libraries
6. Graphics and Visualization
7. Programming systems for GNU/Linux
7.1. The GNU/Linux Workstation
7.2. Parallel Processing and Symmetric Multiprocessing: Supercomputing
8. Word-Processing and Poster presenting tools on Linux
8.1. Word Processing Tools
8.2. Poster presentation tools
9. Free Database Management Systems for Linux
10. Linux in the laboratory