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9. More About the Sentry Firewall Project

9.1 Goals

The general goal of this project is mentioned several times within the documentation. That is simply, to build a bootable CDROM-based system that can be easily and dynamically configured. In the end, I wanted the configuration to rival that of any commercial router that utilizes configuration files(ie. Cisco). I also wanted the system to be simple, secure, and highly functional in a large number of operating environments - not just as a firewall. This, of course, has proven to be a difficult balance to maintain.

At the present time, the basic goals have been fulfilled. However, I believe there is still a great deal of development that can and needs to be done in order for the Sentry Firewall to be a truly diverse Linux distribution.

9.2 Supporting the Project

There are various ways one can support this project. The easiest and most common way is to simply utilize the system in a test or production environment and send me suggestions, bugs, or other such feedback. For those interested in assisting with the enhancement of any of the Sentry Firewall CD branches, please check out the TODO file located in /SENTRY/docs/TODO on the CD image, or online at or

I do, on occasion, make the Sentry Firewall CD available for purchase. I also accept donations including hardware, software, currency, or anything else that you feel can help. Revenues from such donations or CD sales will help support the continued development of the project. If you are interested in supporting this project please feel free to contact me at the information provided below, or email me at

9.3 About the Author

The Sentry Firewall project has only ever had a single developer, Stephen Zarkos(me) of Bellevue, Washington(USA). I began work on the project around April of 2000, probably ruining 200 CD-Rs before I got my first stable Sentry Firewall CD. And for the last two years I have been continuing to develop, enhance and maintain the project - give or take a few months here and there while I took a short hiatus(marriage, education, etc).

From the beginning, this project has proven to be quite popular, and has received a great deal of support and feedback from its loyal users. This kind of support has proven invaluable, and has kept me motivated to continue to develop this project. There is nothing I would rather do right now than work on and enhance this system, however since I do not get paid to develop this project, it is only a part-time endeavor. Even so, the positive comments and feedback I receive has without a doubt made this the most enjoyable project I have ever been a part of.

9.4 Contacting the Author

Mailing Address:
Sentry Firewall CD Project
C/O Stephen A. Zarkos
P.O. Box 6133
Bellevue, WA 98008


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