Chapter 6. Configuring display managers

Table of Contents
6.1. Configuring xdm and kdm
6.2. Configuring gdm
6.2.1. Changes, Part 1
6.2.2. Changes, Part 2

If you have successfully finished the installation and configuration of the kernel and XFree, it's time to configure your display manager(s).

Beside the graphical differences, xdm/kdm and gdm handle the X servers differently. Gdm will start the X servers in the order specified in it's configuration file (and stop them in the reverse order). Xdm/kdm will start and stop all the X servers at the same time(in case there are no opened X sessions). Also, restarting the gdm daemon means end for all X sessions, but if you restart xdm/kdm when you are under X, your session won't be closed.


Have in mind that for the older Preferred Bus ID XFree Server (version 1) you have to specify the desired graphic card with parameter "-prefbusid x:x:x" where x:x:x is the Bus ID of the desired graphic card. Just append "-prefbusid x:x:x" with the correct Bus ID of the card you want to start right before the last argument vt[x].