Chapter 3. Installing the kernel

Table of Contents
3.1. Installing the Backstreet Ruby/ Ruby-2.6 kernel
3.2. Notes on building your own kernel
3.3. Creating needed device files
3.4. Notes on using multiple VT's & VGA console
3.5. Keyboard numbering(order of detection)


The installation of Ruby-2.6 is not fully covered, partly because there are almost no differences compared to the installation of Linux-2.6 kernel, partly because I have not gathered enough experience with Ruby-2.6 yet, so any comments and questions are welcomed.

If you are going to use Ruby-2.6, please do install Linux-2.6 without the Ruby-2.6 patch first and configure your system for it, in order to avoid tracking "Ruby-2.6 Bugs" which are actually due to a not properly configured system because of the Linux-2.4 -> Linux-2.6 changes. A good starting point is probably" .