Connecting X Terminals to Linux Mini-HOWTO

Salvador J. Peralta

Revision History
Revision 1.2 release2003-05-20Revised by: sjp
Added more information on XFS and XDM configuration.
Revision 1.0 release2002-12-21Revised by: sjp
First official release. Removed old revision logs.

This Mini-HOWTO describes how to connect X Terminals with a Linux host using nfs, xfs, xdm and xdmcp. Additionally, the document discusses configuration recommendations to optimize Linux for use as a host system on a network of thin clients. The most current version can be obtained here.

Table of Contents
1. Copyright
2. Introduction
2.1. What is XFree86
2.2. What is an X Terminal?
2.3. Infrastructure Overview
3. Host Environment
3.1. Hardware
3.2. Software
4. Basic Host Configuration
4.1. Configuring NFS
4.2. Configuring XDM
4.3. Configuring Xaccess
4.4. Configuring Host Access
4.5. Configuring the X Font Server
4.6. Configuring the X Session
5. Advanced Host Configuration
5.1. Setting User and Group Limits
5.2. More Limits
6. Client Configuration
6.1. The Boot Process
7. Additional Resources
7.1. Linux Howto's
7.2. Man Pages
7.3. Linux Guides
7.4. Books
8. Errata
8.1. System Versions
8.2. Disclaimer
8.3. Feedback
8.4. Credits