8.2. Configuration

The values in the flat files in the /proc/hpc/admin directory presenting the current configuration of the cluster. Also the administrator can write its own values into these files to change the configuration during runtime, e.g.

Table 8-1. Changing /proc/hpc parameters

echo 1 > /proc/hpc/admin/blockblocks the arrival of remote processes
echo 1 > /proc/hpc/admin/bringbring all migrated processes home


Table 8-2. /proc/hpc/admin/

(binary files) config the main configuration file (written by the setpe util)
(flat files) block allow/forbid arrival of remote processes
  bring bring home all migrated processes
  dfsalinks list of current symbolic dfsa-links
  expel sending guest processes home
  gateways maximum number of gateways
  lstay local processes should stay
  mospe contains the openMosix node id
  nomfs disables/enables MFS
  overheads for tuning
  quiet stop collecting load-load-balancing informations
  decay-interval interval for collecting informations about load-balancing
  slow-decay default 975
  fast-decay default 926
  speed speed relative to PIII/1GHz)
  stay enables/disables automatic process migration

Table 8-3. Writing a 1 to the following files /proc/hpc/decay/

clear clears the decay statistics
cpujob tells openMosix that the process is cpu-bound
iojob tells openMosix that the process is io-bound
slow tells openMosix to decay its statistics slow
fast tells openMosix to decay its statistics fast

Table 8-4. Informations about the other nodes

/proc/hpc/nodes/[openMosix_ID]/CPUs how many CPU's the node has
/proc/hpc/nodes/[openMosix_ID]/load the openMosix load of this node
/proc/hpc/nodes/[openMosix_ID]/mem available memory as openMosix believes
/proc/hpc/nodes/[openMosix_ID]/rmem available memory as Linux believes
/proc/hpc/nodes/[openMosix_ID]/speed speed of the node relative to PIII/1GHz
/proc/hpc/nodes/[openMosix_ID]/status status of the node
/proc/hpc/nodes/[openMosix_ID]/tmem available memory
/proc/hpc/nodes/[openMosix_ID]/util utilization of the node

Table 8-5. Additional Informations about local processes

/proc/[PID]/cantmove reason why a process cannot be migrated
/proc/[PID]/goto to which node the process should migrate
/proc/[PID]/lock if a process is locked to its home node
/proc/[PID]/nmigs how many times the process migrated
/proc/[PID]/where where the process is currently being computed
/proc/[PID]/migrate same as goto remote processes
/proc/hpc/remote/from the home node of the process
/proc/hpc/remote/identity additional informations about the process
/proc/hpc/remote/statm memory statistic of the process
/proc/hpc/remote/stats cpu statistics of the process