B.1. Tools for your operating system

A few notes on setting up your system for DocBook publishing. These tools focus more on the transformation of documents from DocBook to XHTML (for example).

Tools For Your Operating System



Morgon Kanter suggests apt-get install docbook-xml docbook-xsl xsltproc as the minimum requirements. http://lists.tldp.org/index.cgi?1:mss:4851

Fedora (aka the new RedHat)

Notes contributed by Charles Curley.

Tools for Docbook SGML and XML are included in the distrubution. So are Emacs and PSGML mode, although you will have to customize your .emacs. If you are missing a package after installing Fedora, get familiar with yum or apt.

Installation instructions: none; use Red Hat 9 until they are written: http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/linux/RHL-9-Manual/.


Notes contributed by Artemio.

In Mandrake (as of my current 9.2), all the stuff including openjade, xmlto, docbook-utils etc. comes as standard.

So I just needed to get the TLDP XSL sheet and that's all. Didn't ever have any dependency or other problems, everything works fine (knock on wood :-)).


According to Hal Burgiss, your system is likely already ready to edit and process DocBook documents without installing any additional packages.