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About This Month's Authors

Fernando Correa

Fernando is a computer analyst just about to finish his graduation at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Now, he has built with his staff the best Linux portal in Brazil and have further plans to improve services and content for their Internet users.

Juan Ignacio Santos Florido

I am a computer engineering student at the E.T.S.I.Inf in Malaga, Spain. I've used Linux since kernel 1.2 and enjoy turning the Linux internals upside down.

Bryan Henderson

Bryan Henderson is an operating systems programmer from way back, working mostly on large scale computing systems. Bryan's love of computers began with a 110 baud connection to a local college for a high school class, but Bryan had little interest in home computers until Linux came out.

Ben Okopnik

A cyberjack-of-all-trades, Ben wanders the world in his 38' sailboat, building networks and hacking on hardware and software whenever he runs out of cruising money. He's been playing and working with computers since the Elder Days (anybody remember the Elf II?), and isn't about to stop any time soon.

Martin Skjöldebrand

Martin is a former archaeologist who now does system administration for a 3rd world aid organisation. He also does web design and has been playing with computers since 1982 and Linux since 1997.

Chris Stoddard

I work for Dell Computer Corporation doing "not Linux" stuff. I have been using computers since 1979 and I started using Linux sometime in 1994, exclusivly since 1997. My main interest is in networking implementations, servers, security, Beowulf clusters etc. I hope someday to quit my day job and become the Shepard of a Linux Farm.

Ben Tindale

I'm working full time for Alcatel Australia on various xDSL technologies and writing Java based web apps. I've currently taken a year off from studying to work, and have just sold my share in an internet cafe I helped to found. So much to learn, so little time :)

Michael Williams

Currently studying for society's latest waste of his valuable time--GCSE examinations, Mike's attention have recently been turned towards Linux and open source Software. Since the tender age of eight, when he got his first commodore 64, Mike has been programming. Mike loves C++ , hates Micro$oft, Sony, and anything else that represents any form of establishment. He would like to say hi to his mom, Alan, Dai and yes even RK. Rescently, RK claimed to have blown up a cow, using but a strip of magnesium and a match (don't worry RK, the men in white suits will be along verrryyy soon....)

Not Linux

And now for something that's completely non-Linux.

My Ireland/UK trip was a blast. Dublin's bridges remind me of St Petersburg, and the streets are bustling at all hours. I saw The Business (an oi band), and then went to a 3-day scooter rally in Carlow (a hundred miles SW). Neither of these events were planned--I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. In Belfast I took the black taxi tour of the political murals, bought a book about the history of the Troubles, and hooked up with the singer of another oi band, Runnin' Riot. Then I skipped across the water to Scotland.

Edinburgh is amazing! I've been in six countries in Europe, but have seen no city that matches Edinburgh. There's a drained loch in the center of town, and next to it, high up on a hill, is the castle. I connected with an old friend and met several new ones. The four days I was in Edinburgh was not nearly enough.

Edinburgh also has a cybercafe that's open 24 hours, costs only 1 pound for 2-4 hours, and any minutes you don't use can be applied later using their anonymous logins. Plus it has five hundred PCs with LCD screens. I wouldn't mind seeing more cybercafes like that. But it must've cost the owner a bundle.

Then I spent a night each in Manchester and Cambridge, and five days in London. I'd been in London once before, so I knew what to expect. Still, the city was a bit big for me, and hard to get a handle on. I spent some time in Camden Town, took a picture of the Elephant & Castle statue :), bought lots of clothes at The Merc and Lonsdale stores (cause you can't get that stuff in the States, at least not in the Northwest), and my two friends from Edinburgh and Cambridge came down one evening. Then I flew back to Vancouver and caught the train to Seattle. Just in time to begin the July Linux Gazette!

Michael Orr
Editor, Linux Gazette,

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