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Add the kill_xxx() family to Supporting functions?

Forum: Supporting Functions
Keywords: kill_xxx(), signaling
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 15:11:54 GMT
From: Burkhard Kohl <>

For the development of a char driver I needed functionality to signal an interrupt to the process in user space. The KHG does not give any hint how to do that. Finally, after quite some browsing through kernel sources I came across the kill_xxxx() family in exit.c.

I found kill_pg() and kill_proc() widely used in a couple of char drivers. Another one is kill_fasync() which is mostly used by mouse drivers.

After some hacking I managed to use kill_proc() for my purpose. But I still don't know how to handle the priv parameter correctly. Obviously 0 means without and 1 with certain (what?) priviledges.

I have no idea what kill_fasync is used for.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the kill_xxxx() family described in the KHG? Michael, what do you think? Anyone willing to take this? I could do the stubs if someone who really knows will do the annotation.

Any comment, thoughts and flames are welcome.


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