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To install C-News, untar the files into their proper places if you haven't done so yet, and edit the configuration files listed below. They are all located in /usr/lib/news. Their formats will be described in the following sections.

      1. There may be a difference between the groups  that  exist
         at  your  site,  and  those  that your site is willing to
         receive. For example, the subscription list  may  specify
         comp.all,  which  means  all  newsgroups  below  the comp
         hierarchy, but at your site, only a number of comp groups
         are  listed  in  active.  articles posted to those groups
         will be moved to junk.
      2. Note that this should be the crontab of  news,  in  order
         not to mangle file permissions.

Figure 22. News flow through relaynews.