2. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 0.72001-12-03Revised by: SS
Revision 0.82003-11-18Revised by: AW

  1. Added a section on NTP
  2. Cleaned some SGML
  3. Added ext3 to the filesystem section
Revision 0.9Revised by: AW

  1. Cleaned some SGML code, changed doctype to lds.dsl, and added id tags
  2. Updated section on filesystem types, and Filesystem comparison
  3. Updated partition type section
  4. Updated section on creating partitions
  5. Wrote section on Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
  6. Updated section on space allocation
  7. Added chapter on System Monitoring
  8. Added more command line utilities
  9. Verified Device list
  10. Modified email address for Authors
  11. Added references to more in-depth documents where applicable
  12. Added notes on upcoming sections
  13. Indexed chapters 1 - 4, & part of 5
  14. Updated Misc Information throughout the book