Chapter 4. Configuration

Table of Contents
4.1. General structure
4.2. Writing a vls.cfg
4.2.1. Section "Vls"
4.2.2. Section "Groups"
4.2.3. Section "Users"
4.2.4. Section "Telnet"
4.2.5. Section "NativeAdmin"
4.2.6. Section "Inputs"
4.2.7. Inputs configuration
4.2.8. Section "Channels"
4.2.9. Channels configuration
4.2.10. Programs Configuration

VLS reads its configuration from the vls.cfg configuration file, which is supposed to be located in the current directory or in SYSCONF_DIR/videolan/vls (where SYSCONF_DIR is /usr/local/etc if you built and installed VLS by hand, or is /etc if you installed the debian binary package) .

To write a vls.cfg file, use the one supplied with VLS as a start-point .