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Re: New web site

On Sep 10,  7:27pm, P Jenner wrote:
> Subject: New web site
> 	4) A how to get involved or current LDP projects page would be
> good to entice in volunteers.

Yes, we are thinking of creating an involvement/authoring area.

> 	5) The search is broken. Put in "3Dfx" and it does not even return
> the 3Dfx HOWTO :-(

Currently only the top-level pages (docs/index/intro/mirrors/devel) are
indexed and searchable. This needs to be expanded.

> 	6) Sections for the LDP translations would be nice too. Something
> like "http://www.linuxdoc.org/es/"; for spanish etc.

Again, this item is on the list.

All good suggestions.


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