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Re: working SGML package

On Nov 6,  1:21am, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> Subject: Re: working SGML package
> >>>>> "V" == Vern Hoxie <vern@zebra.alphacdc.com> writes:
>     V> After chasing my tail around all the references given on this
>     V> list, it's my opinion that there are no current tools.
> Oh-oh. You found out!   Darn, and it was such a swell hoax.
> You're right.  There are none.  There is not even the mythical
> MS XML module for Word.  None of it exists.  Stop looking.  There
> is nothing to find.  It is a wild goose chase perpertrated by wackos
> like me who delight in distracting people.
> Seriously, yes, it is a mess with a capital M.  It gets even worse if
> you want to use SGML to produce something more aesthetic than the
> dead-ugly default DocBook layout (remember, remember, it's _free_)
> ...
> My advice: Like Linux on laptops, keep *all* your notes and make a
> name for yourself by simplifying the process and building new tools.

I'd be interested in hearing what you (that's a collective "you";
any and all involved) would like to have in an ideal toolset.


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