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Priorities (was: working SGML package)

Greg Ferguson wrote:

> Before I joined the LDP effort I was considering taking on the
> support/maint. of the sgmltools toolset (I was approached by
> Cees to do this), but now I'm too strapped.

I'm utterly baffled by this. I thought the whole point of the
Open Source community was to build good tools.

If Docbook SGML is the best way to build Linux documentation
(which there seems to be a consensus on, and I'm not about to
quibble) then I'd say maintaining and improving the tools is a
high priority item.

Tools are more important than manifestos, web sites, ... in
fact considerably more important than anything I see the core
team doing. Granted, those things need doing too, but if the
choice is between "the LDP effort" and "support/maint. of the
sgmltools toolset", please do the tools.

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