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Re: working SGML package

On 6 Nov 1999, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

> - Installation should record the system settings (as does, for example,
>   gtk) so future packages can be easily localized.  The installation
>   should also build the system CATALOG file to a useful set of features

It seems the RPM files from Cygnus do that at install time. But I'm no
expert in that particular area.

> - A template 'configure' script to create makefile for any new project
>   which in turn can be used to generate (at minimum) web, RTF and LaTeX
>   output, but which should also be able to generate PDF, Postscript
>   and DVI (ie, automates the LaTeX handling).  

Such a script would be rather easy to create.

But the tools don't produce LaTeX output like you and I know it. However
they do generate HTML, RTF, PS, PDF and DVI and I think can be adepted
rather easily in generating TXT as well. (However as lynx out put is not
state of the art the ascii output is not a good as we might have liked.

> - You should be able to extend stylesheets locally (ie system wide) and
>   on a per-document basis without adding three 'path' options to your
>   command line.

This is as much a thing of organising stylesheets. But a single variable
should be able to distinguish between myorg/mysheet.dsl and
yourorg/yoursheet.dsl I guess.

> - the use-cases should be what people want to do rather than what the
>   machine wants to hear.  The end-user commands should be simply
>         make html
>         make rtf
>         make pdf

Or something like:

(which allready exists)


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