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RE: Editing/QA for LDP docs.

> > whomever is a member of the "editors" group would be almost a
> > requirement.  It shouldn't be that hard to give access to a few
> > people who have volunteered to do editing so that they can commit
> > their changes back to the CVS repository.  
> Yes....having a group with the access will be no problem, but should it be
> expanded upon is my question?  Not exactly a lot of volunteers now for
> reading docs submitted to ldp-submit. :(

how about a system that once the source is checked back in, the author is
notified of the change, and asked to approve it?  only after approval does
it get built.

This could also help to find out which docs are no longer maintained... if
it's not approved after a month, then is that doc still being maintained?


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