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RE: Editing/QA for LDP docs.

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> From: Tim [mailto:tjbynum@wallybox.cei.net]
> Sent: Sunday, December 05, 1999 8:25 PM
> To: ldp-discuss
> Subject: RE: Editing/QA for LDP docs.
> > I would think that having minor corrections being possible by
> > whomever is a member of the "editors" group would be almost a
> > requirement.  It shouldn't be that hard to give access to a few
> > people who have volunteered to do editing so that they can commit
> > their changes back to the CVS repository.  
> Yes....having a group with the access will be no problem, but 
> should it be
> expanded upon is my question?  Not exactly a lot of volunteers now
> for reading docs submitted to ldp-submit. :(  

I guess I missed out on that list, is it hosted the same place as the
other LDP lists?  I haven't seen any mention of it before now.  I
think that to get more people helping out with this we would need an
announcement on the main LDP page making a call for people to help
out with this sort of things, and instructions on who to contact, and
which documents they should read over before deciding to volunteer.

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