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Re: HOWTO postscript files in A4 format???

At 18:30 13/12/99 -0500, you wrote:

>I discovered to my dismay after trying to print out the IPX-HOWTO in
>format that I downloaded from the linuxdoc.org site on a HP 1100
>printer that the page format is A4 instead of US Letter size.

 . . "instead of" ? . .

I think you meant to say: "and not, as unwittingly expected, . . ".

(Consider yourself lucky.  Over here in Europe, it took us more than TEN
YEARS before we managed to persuade software [and hardware] manufacturers
that ramming other people's ideas of what should be considered "standard"
page sizes down our throats wasn't ever going to work :)

>Also it would be helpful if there was readily available info on the
>web site on how to produce the different formats should the user decide to
>download the SGML source to a HOWTO.

Absolutely.  In fact, I think there's a good case to be made for setting up
a team of volunteers to ensure that ALL pre-formatted LDP documentation is
made available in all of the most commonly-used formats (effectively, only
A4 / US Letter at the moment); and clearly marking them as such. It
*needn't* create havoc with page-numbers in indexes, TOCs, etc., as long as
a standard common maximum print-area for text/artwork is defined and
adhered to. (E.g. 20cm x 27.5cm, including headers and footers.) In other
words, let the margins vary, not the print area, in those formatting
systems where the print area can be specified.

_Is_ there an LDP House Style/Style Manual defining print standards anywhere?
(That might then be mapped into a style-sheet that the various
linuxdoc/Docbook/TEI DTDs in use might then call in?)

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