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HOWTO postscript files in A4 format???

I discovered to my dismay after trying to print out the IPX-HOWTO in postscript
format that I downloaded from the linuxdoc.org site on a HP 1100
printer that the page format is A4 instead of US Letter size. How come this isn't
better publicised on the HOWTO download page and is there a possibility to get
US Letter postscript files also?

The reason this is causing a problem is that after about 4 or 5 pages the
extra leftover stuff that spills over fronm the A4 pages when printing to
a printer with US Letter size paper with ghostscript 5.87 causes my print
server LOTS of load and the HP 1100 printer starts hanging on partial page

Also it would be helpful if there was readily available info on the linuxdoc.org
web site on how to produce the different formats should the user decide to
download the SGML source to a HOWTO.
Steven A. DuChene	sad@valinux.com
Southeast US Systems Engineer
VA Linux Systems	http://www.valinux.com

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