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Re: LDP Manifesto Draft-4

The document has been put in place on the LDP site. It can be
accessed from: http://www.linuxdoc.org/manifesto.html

Note that this document is also linked-to from the front/home
page ("About Us").

Very nice job David (and all others that contributed comments and/or

Please let me know if something does not look correct in
the document.


We currently have a link on the front page for "Copyright Info",
that goes to a rev of an older copyright doc. Should this
also be updated with copyright information weened from the manifesto
document? My only concern would be for the legacy docs that
currently point to that older copyright. Perhaps we should keep
that one in place, establish a new file/doc, and update the various
link(s) that point to it on the LDP site.




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