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Re: LDP Manifesto Draft-4

I feel plain text or HTML as a standard....all others are lovely for
specific systems and should be able to be created from these formats

at least with plain text there is a gaurantee that all systems will be able
to use it......if HTML it should be basic HTML....like

HTML code here

under this line plain text only and NO HTML tags etc


Document plain text here, including all seperators


HTML code here

*********** REPLY SEPARATOR  ***********

On 14/12/99 at 21:00 Yves Bellefeuille wrote:

>Tim <tjbynum@wallybox.cei.net> wrote:
>> I'm open to suggestions and have a few of my own on this matter, so
>> feel free to make them.
>I feel strongly that plain text is the most basic, universally readable
>format, and should always be accepted, no matter what.
>I often like to read documentation on paper, and it's a lot easier to
>print something in plain text than in HTML or another format.
>(Especially if you have a non-Postscript printer and are printing the
>docs from DOS or Windows, *before* you install Linux.) If people want
>Postscript, then by all means give it to them, but don't forget to
>include plain text too. 

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