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Re: Documentation Integration (was suggestion)

On Wed, Dec 15, 1999 at 11:28:51AM -0800, dave@lafn.org wrote:
> But here's what they may tell you:  The manual pages are obsolete and
> you should use the info system.  So we don't keep the man pages
> up-to-date.  There is also a detailed GNU manual for tar.  
> This is all part of the problem of integration of documentation for
> Linux.  The material in the info pages needs to be made available in
> other formats and a search engine is needed to search every word of
> the manual pages, info docs, howtos, etc. all with one search command.

Maybe we should offer our help to the GNU project ?

We could manage the man or info pages with docbook tools to provide many
output formats.

The search command is a long term project.
We should have an unifyied dir. structure (for ex in /usr/doc/LDP)
then a common format (sgml and docbook soon).

These problems must be fixed first ; writing a search engine will not be
the hardest part.

What would you suggest ?

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