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Re: modem ppp connection

This is an example of email I get due to out of date documentation on

On Sun, Jan 02, 2000 at 04:19:58AM +0000, shirley dwyer wrote:
> HI,
>         I've finally installed  linux ( redhat 6.0 ) on my PC. But how do I 
> get it networked, that is install  a  modem, as in  Windows 95 - make new  
> connection, entering  all  info such as telephone number, name server, ppp  
> connections  etc.  Please  help.
> ( I've  got an external modem  - netcom  - tested ok with minicom
> but no ppp connection)
> I've  got to the stage of GNOME or KDE  but cannot find  any  modem
> connections.  I've got a book which states cryptic commands  like
> pppd /dev/modem 57600 connect /usr/bin/chan atdt8888888  ...........
> etc
> Please  Help.
> Shirley 

I don't know about how GNOME or KDE does it.  There is a PPP-HOWTO
which is out of date and some other info on PPP that people have
written.  I use the "wvdial" program and set it up per the man page
for it.  I think I also looked at part of PPP-HOWTO.  One problem with
wvdial is that you have to make some files in the /etc/ppp tree world
readable.  Anyway, LDP needs to do something about the sad state of
PPP documentation.  I found someone (rjayasin) who might have been
willing to do it but the author (hartr) of the current PPP-HOWTO said
he was revising it and to wait.  So we've waited for many months and
nothing has come thru.  I will CC this message to the LDP mailing
list and to the people mentioned in this paragraph.  
			David Lawyer

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