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Re: Linux Documentation E-Commerce Store Proposal From Talinda Incorporated

On Wed, Jan 12, 2000 at 02:30:25PM -0800, Spencer Smith wrote:
> I sent this proposal out almost a month ago and have received no response.
> Does anyone see a benefit to having hardcopies orderable/available of  LDP
> documents?  What documents make sense to create hardcopy manuals of?
> Please see the proposal below. [deleted]
You should know that there are already some hardcopy books of LDP
documents.  See the LDP Manifesto for the rules regarding making

Many of the LDP documents are either not up-to-date or contain some
errors.  Of course other hard-copy materials on Linux also have these
problems (but often not as severe).  Also, many HOWTOs are on
specialized topics not of general interest.  That's why the existing
hardcopy books have been very selective on which HOWTOs they publish.

Since I think most of the benefits of the HOWTOs are provided by
downloadable copies (and ones included in most distributions of Linux
on CD) I'm not very excited about an inquiry to publish them.  Go
ahead if you want to and note that you don't have to pay anything to
the authors if you don't want to.

			David Lawyer

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