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Re: [Re: Problem with Text translations]

Warren Chartier wrote:

> On a completely unrelated note, whats with the practice of replying both
> to the list and to the original poster?  Isn't this quite redundant?  I
> mean, I'm getting the email twice, and since I'm already on the list, why
> email me directly if you're just going to CC the list anyways?  I find
> this practice common here, and quite frankly it perplexes me.

Normally replying to both is a bad idea. The exception is when you
need to get it out fast and cannot afford the extra time lag by
going through the mail list server. Arguably one could keep such
discussions off the list entirely but that again has a nasty tendency
to create a division between "them" and "us", something we very
nearly ran into earlier.

We are in a period of high bandwidth on this list but I believe that
when the infrastructure components being discussed become established
this list will return to its old sleepy self.

Having caused a fair bit of this new traffic I would like to point
out that these things have to be discussed in public and debated as
I cannot pretend to represent you all by default. I haven't even
been elected.

The announcement should be finalised this week and the LWN column
soon thereafter and that will more or less be the end of the flurry
and we can return to the occational flares of licensing discussions.

   Stein Gjoen

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