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Re: [Re: Problem with Text translations]

On Tue, Feb 15, 2000 at 02:51:09PM -0500, Warren Chartier wrote:
> On a completely unrelated note, whats with the practice of replying both
> to the list and to the original poster?  Isn't this quite redundant?  I
> mean, I'm getting the email twice, and since I'm already on the list, why
> email me directly if you're just going to CC the list anyways?  I find
> this practice common here, and quite frankly it perplexes me.

Sorry. It's not a bandwidth saving use, but it's quite common. 
It occurs mainly because mailing lists tend to be slower than direct
mail and people involved in the discussion can talk faster without
having to wait for the list overhead. 

I'll stop sending people of this list messages, replying only to the

For these problems, I've also a procmail filter which eliminates the
_second_, _third_ and so on, copy of a message based on it's ID. If
the message was sent to me cc'ed to the list, this filter keeps only
the first message that arrived. The second is sent to /dev/null. If
you want I can send it to you in private. 

Sorry again,
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