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Re: duplicates [Re: Problem with Text translations]

> On a completely unrelated note, whats with the practice of replying both
> to the list and to the original poster?

The list is open. One cannot know if the original poster is
subscribed, unless he/she quotes from the list (thus showing he/she

I prefer to email both the poster and the list when either the list is
slow or I ignore if the poster is subscribed.

> P.S.: If you want to discuss the virtues (or lack thereof) of
>       mangling reply-to addresses, then please _do_not_ do this on
>       the list!

Right. However this got several replies and nobody outlined the "open
list" issue. I administer the gpm mailing list and I have an hard time
bouncing replies-to-the-list back to posters who are not subscribed.


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