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I have purchased Mandrake 7.0 and find it absolutely great but I have a slight problem.
I have loaded it onto my desktop with out a hitch but it will not load onto my server.
RedHat 6.1 recognises my DPT RAID 5 card but Mandrake wont. I have tried making boot disks with no joy. I have also bought Open Linux 2.2 and tried that  with no luck.
The problem is because my server has DPT PCI SCSI CD & HD's and the boot disks will not recognise my CD-Rom to install the OS. I need someone to be able to build me or show me where I can down load some boot disks for Open Linux 2.2, Mandrake 7.0, Net BSD, and Free BSD. If by any chance you can help me with this problem it would be much appreciated.
Thank You
Todd Cloutt