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Re: A modest proposal

On Fri, 31 Mar 2000, Dal Pra Stefano 289689/IL wrote:

> First of all, i must tell you that my natural language is Italian, so i 
> beg your pardon in advance about all my ridicolous mistakes. I'm quite
> confident reading english text but i'm not so clever to write it
> properly. 
> I would illustrate an idea i had about a new, distribution dependent,
> documentation project, which would help newcomers (and not)
> understanding the meaning of standard Linux directoryes. 
> I propose putting a WHATISHERE text file into every "standard" linux
> directory with some brief description about that particular directory
> (which kind of files go there and what are they intended for, when
> useful) and some reference to the particular HOWTO, guide, man, doc
> who best tell more about that. 

While I find this a really cool idea I think it would be better done as a
HOWTO. Kind of a users version of the FHS, http://www.pathname.com/fhs/.
If done as a package that one could add or not add, I would see that as a
decent compromise, but still feel it would be better to point people to
/usr/share/doc/HOWTO/filesystem-standard-HOWTO or some such.

Just my 2 lira worth :).


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