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Re: CD edition

At 04:19 PM 4/27/00 -0400, you wrote:

>We _need_ to have 
>        1) SGML sources so recipients can learn to participate
>        2) HTML so recipients can build mirror sites and browse
>           especially at trade shows and so that blind users
>           and other special needs can access the docs
>        3) PDF so recipients can print beautifully formated editions
>ASCII does not really add anything except that it makes it easier to
>scan documents with glimpse or to use rememberance-agent; that second
>one (RA) is reason enough for me to want to include ASCII if it can be
>There is no need to include postscript since PDF is identical in every
>respect and is more portable.
>    j> windows world reads very well html (Internet explorer is not so
>    j> bad it can't read our html!)
>You cannot read a 200 page document on a CRT-based browser.  You can,
>but you will go blind (and your palms will get hairy) There is ample
>psychophysiological evidence that your critical perception and
>retention is serious impared by back-lit displays; this is why we
>expect more intellectual stimulation from the cinema than we do from
>television.  A _printable_ version, pretty enough to be handed out
>proudly, and which bundles its own fonts within each document, is
>absolutely essential.

I have to agree completely. No way would I be willing to read a full text
on a computer screen. Besides, what if a user has a Linux box but doesn't
have it fully functional yet? Not only does there need to be at least one
version of the doc that makes a lovely, readable printout, but wherever
practical, the docs should be available in book format for purchase. I have
had several people comment to me that they prefer to go to the bookstore
and buy a manual rather than fumble around on the net trying to find the
answer to a question.

I do short-run book publishing and have considered doing some of the docs.
If someone else wants to create a web site and handle the sales, I can do
the publishing and shipping. I can produce a paperback book as
professionally printed and bound as any Linux book you find in the
bookstores, and at very reasonable prices. This would give users all the
options. It should be possible to sell the books at prices lower than
currently available commercial Linux books, and still have enough to pay a
little profit to the authors, to the LDP, and publisher.

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