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Re: SGML in other applications

jdd wrote:
> I think the title is great. However, I whould quote a potential problem.
> I think the LAG could become too big. actually I have NOT seen it already,
> but you seems to add things again and again.
> I think then there should be TWO guides:
> * the LDP beginners author guide
> with all the stuff about writing a mini-HOWTO, installing docbook, using
> SGML, etc. and giving SGML, ps and html
> - The LDP senior author guide
>  with all the stuff needed to make HOWTO really nice, copying them in
> multiple format, indexing, cross reference...
> If I had had to read the big stuff on the beginning, may be I never had
> manage to use linuxdoc. The sgml guide was short and informative, and I
> could start writing after less than 2 hours reading.
> but today I miss the senior guide...

This is one of the reasons I'm making it a guide.  It will be geared towards
both groups (newbie and senior).  My new test is working on the DSSSL to
make nicer HTML output.  Creating a book in SGML does real strange things
when I go to HTML->PDF via HTMLDOC.  Clearing some of those up is teaching
me about the DSSSL, which I will of course document and explain at some


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