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Howto style


 I'm writing a little guide, which can help an author to write an howto,
following the some rules given by the LDP, through this mailing list at
this time (like the DocBook version to use, the information to be
contained in the header, the format to use for the publication date,

I tried to follow as closely as possible the brief_template from gregory
Leblanc, and different comments sent to the mailing list.

It is far from being complete, but I would like to be sure that I got
the right way.

Further explanations could be about 
- the structure of the "Structure" section, "Gettting Help" section, ...
- the usage of an index, 
- the inclusion of figures, examples, codes and command lines, 
- the use of the different 'tagged words', 
- etc.

Note that this document is not intended to replace the different
writtent templates, nor to be a standalone document. Perhaps a section
of an existing document, like the H-H or the DocBook-Howto.

I put a version online at http://feloy.free.fr/style/index.html
and the sources at http://feloy.free.fr/style/style.tar.gz

Philippe Martin

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