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Re: Howto style

Mark Komarinski wrote:

> > Note that this document is not intended to replace the different
> > writtent templates, nor to be a standalone document. Perhaps a section
> > of an existing document, like the H-H or the DocBook-Howto.
> >
> > I put a version online at http://feloy.free.fr/style/index.html
> > and the sources at http://feloy.free.fr/style/style.tar.gz
> I'll be happy to incorporate your comments in the next release of
> the LAG.

I made a revision with a plan for the main body (from the
brief_template) and a sample copyright notice and License (from the LDP

I'm looking for a Disclaimer generally used, can somebody point me to it

You can insert parts or adaptations of this doc in the LAG. Or do you
prefer I write some pieces of sections to directly insert in your
document ?

Philippe Martin

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