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Re: Rep:Re: Permission to submit HOWTO

Much snippage ahead...

Joe Cooper wrote:

> One could argue that the extraneous text is needed to make it clear what
> each section and tag is really about.  But I agree that it could
> probably stand to be shrunken somewhat.

The latest version has cleared up substantially what is skeleton, what is
suggestion and what is sample text. Still, I am happy to accept feedback.

> > 3) There are various versions floating
> > around. New submissions should be in DocBook 3.1.
> > LinuxDoc versions just confuse matters. To quote
> > yourself, "Get over LinuxDoc, Joe."
> Ok.  But are people really confused at this point about which is which?
> I guess if they are, then the LinuxDoc template should be moved to an
> archive merely for posterity.

LinuxDoc isn't deprecated yet and it is all I have on my little machine.

> Ok, I'm seen a Glossary suggested, but no thesaurus suggestion so far.
> Why a thesaurus?
> Let's get those search terms settled on and we'll make sure that every
> HOWTO that has a glossary uses those tags for glossary items...so that a
> LDP-wide meta-dictionary can be constructed.

I have suggested taking the Gary's Pedia on board; it looks like
an excellent framework for what we are looking at:

> I don't get what you mean?  HTML is the only HyperText capable mode
> we've got (other than the very limited PDF), true.  But I think that's
> really where things like an intelligent search needs to happen anyway.
> Our only problem in this regard is making the search on the SGML using
> intelligent tag reading and then placing the reader into the correct
> spot in the HTML online and making it seamless.

Odd, I announced some time I had made an example that does what you
need. Check the Nethelp Proposal on my home page:
complete with screenshots in PNG.

   Stein Gjoen

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