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Re: QE, was Re: Boilerplate License Revision Proposal

Stein Gjoen wrote:
> A tangent here...
> Jeroen Kuilman wrote:
> ...
> > ....an idea popped up. What if HP creates a platform on which HPs customers can
> > ask their questions/post the problem, and where people from the Linux community
> > can work on their problems...in exchange for payment of course. In this way the
> I am afraid you are on a good idea too late. Your idea is the very
> business idea of QuestionExchange.

What Stein said...

> [...] 
> It would be interesting to hear other people's experiences with QE, I
> am probably not the only HOWTO author there.

A majority of the questions are for $0 (free), which takes a lot
of the money out of it.  I've been on it for probably 6-9 months and
made about $25, of which I've seen $20 - you only get paid after a
certain threshold.


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