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Re: QE, was Re: Boilerplate License Revision Proposal

Le mar, 25 jui 2000, Stein Gjoen a crit :
> A tangent here...
> Jeroen Kuilman wrote:
> ...
> >> ....an idea popped up. What if HP creates a platform on which HPs customers can
> > ask their questions/post the problem, and where people from the Linux community
> > can work on their problems...in exchange for payment of course. In this way the
> I am afraid you are on a good idea too late. Your idea is the very
> business idea of QuestionExchange.

I didn't know about QuestionExchange and go there to qualify.

*they didn't answer any qualifying question (may be if I try to answer a
question?) and log me
*most questions I see are rather pointless and most of all are quoted a
price zero. 

may be i miised something?

however the HP idea seems different. HP is qualifying and paying ? is that

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