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Re: missing files in my Gnome browser

"David [linuxTester]" wrote:
> Just got on board today and love it.
> Q: My Gnome browser pops up to offer help pages which I like, but 3 of
> the links in particular  don't work.
> I get an error msg saying that the file is missing.
> These 3 files that do this would be under a heading 'Red Hat Manuals':
> /usr/doc/rhl-gsg-6.2en/index.html [link says Red Hat Linux Getting
> Started Guide]
> /usr/doc/rhl-ig-6.2en/index.html [link says Red Hat Linux Install Guide]
> /usr/doc/rhl-rg-6.2en/index.html [link says Red Hat Linux Reference
> Guide]
> note: i bought the CD from linuxcentral.com for $1.95 only. Maybe that's
> why. Red Hat 6.2
> Dave (newbie)

Yes, that is probably why. Or, perhaps you did not install the
documentation packages that include those files. I'm not sure, but my RH
works fine.

FYI, that "home page" is a default with RH as shipped, but is part of
the RH distribution, and not part of the LDP. If you wish to report it
as a bug, please report it to Red Hat.

David C. Merrill, Ph.D.

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