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Re: howto get paid for writing a howto

On Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 08:45:41PM +0200, guylhem@ifrance.com wrote:
> On 22 Aug 2000, at 8:54, mike merrill wrote:
> > As we talked about at the show, we feel that certain HOWTOs are
> > beneficial to the entire linux community and should be considered for
> > LinuxFund funding. If you put up a blurb and maybe a link to our "how to
> > submit" page, people who write docs could get a funding by submitting
> > their doc proposals to our site and mentioning that they will submit
> > these documents to LinuxDocs.org. You guys could even suggest docs that
> > might be really needed (and therefore more likely to get funded).
> ok, will forward the proposition to the list.

If one agrees to pay someone in advance for writing something, how
does one insure that the quality will be good?  Wouldn't it be better
to give awards for the best documents?  In this case the documents
that get awards should not be biased in favor of any one commercial
distribution (such as RedHat) and should not cover only one brand of
hardware or be primarily about commercial (non-free) software.  Such
documents may have a strong commercial bias not in keeping with the
ideals of LDP and may not merit the limited amount of awards

			David Lawyer

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