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Re: howto get paid for writing a howto

On 27 Aug 2000, at 10:17, David Lawyer wrote:
> If one agrees to pay someone in advance for writing something, how
> does one insure that the quality will be good?  Wouldn't it be better


> to give awards for the best documents?  In this case the documents
> that get awards should not be biased in favor of any one commercial
> distribution (such as RedHat) and should not cover only one brand of
> hardware or be primarily about commercial (non-free) software.  Such
> documents may have a strong commercial bias not in keeping with the
> ideals of LDP and may not merit the limited amount of awards
> available.

I will do my best to avoid all this.

BTW do you think you can attend to our summit in NC? I would 
really like to see you, your concerns are *very* valid - sponsorizing 
documentation is a huge new step.

The authors already part of the LDP or that have writtent many 
documents should not and will not be let apart.

We should also discuss going IRS 501 C 3 and starting a new 
cooperation with distributions.
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