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Re: Feedback

On Aug 28, 10:38pm, Stott, Matthew wrote:
> Subject: Feedback
> [...]
> I especially love the PDF generated documents with the click-able
> indexes. This works remarkably well for CDRW archiving.  I would
> love to learn how you accomplished the click-able PDF indexes.
> [...]

The PDF variants are generated using a package called htmldoc,
from Easy Software - http://www.easysw.com/htmldoc/

Our build process creates a single-file HTML instance using the
jade engine and DSSSL stylesheets, which then feeds into
htmldoc, which in turn creates both PDF and PostScript variants.

I'm still trying to get jadetex working properly, so until it's
operational we are sticking with htmldoc, despite some of the
problems we've had with it.


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