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Re: License policy proposal

>Unfortunately it doesn't solve the problem.  First, if the doc is
>modifiable, anyone can just add advertising to it.  Second, one may
>use frames for displaying it and put flashing advertising in one of
>the frames.  Another way is to force the reader to look at an ad after
>reading each page (the "pager" alternates between ads and the doc).  A
>good license can prohibit this.

What a person does outside of the LDP, is their concern. Not ours. If we
don't want people framing our pages then we need to only allow mirroring
of docs, not the site.

Sounds like you are now trying to take away "free"dom. People are free to
make money off of our docs. That is the whole point, the "free"dom to
do these types of things.

If a person doesn't like the advertising, then they can leave that site
and come to the LDP. The LDP will not have advertising.

>There is another problem too and that's the dual licensing problem.
>As some of you know, Star Office is to be released under both GPL and
>another license.  Unfortunately, the other license takes away implicit
>rights granted by GPL.  In this sense it's a sham since some people
>think that it grants all the rights given by GPL.  Can one license
>take away implicit rights granted by the other one?  Well, to find out
>you would have to go the Star Office's court (the one located near
>their corporate offices) since it's specified in their license.  GPL
>is silent on this issue which implicitly implies that the venue is any
>appropriate court.

This is not a problem because the licenses will supercede each other. I
(as an anybody) can choose the license I deem fit to my purpose.

>There are other rights that are also taken away.  You can't modify the
>software any way you want.  It may be legal to take away such rights.

It still doesn't matter. One; we are not talking about software. Two; we
place a policy that states dual licensing is prohibited.

Joshua Drake

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