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Re: Ldap HOWTO's content proposition

Sorry for if I can answer only now, but I've been on vacation
since now.

On Fri, 1 Sep 2000, Luiz Ernesto Pinheiro Malere wrote:
> Hello,
> I agree with Giuseppe : the Ldap Howto should conserv
> it´s basic general structure and add a a general 
> description of SSL/TLS and SASL.
> However, the Howto has a section called Aditional 
> Informations and Features. On this section some
> topics,
> like Roaming Access, Authentication, Address Book, etc
> can be removed or can just point to the Ldap 
> Integration Howto.
> Also a new topic should be added to the Introduction
> Section of the Howto explaining the context of the
> document and the context of the Ldap Integration
> Howto.
> These measures will help people to find quickly what 
> they´re looking for (related to Ldap) and will not 
> impact the users that are accostumed with the actual 
> document.

I agree on this. I think that the spirit of the two HOWTOs is
different, the first should focus on the protocol, the second on
LDAP applications. Anyway overlapping is easy so it is necessary some
coordination while writing.

Regarding what Joshua Drake wrote about merging the HOWTOs, IMHO at this
stage it is easier to work on two different howtos (having a different
approach) maybe later the HOWTOs can be merged into a detailed LDAP book. 

I'd like to integrate/comment what Roel van Meer wrote about content of

Content of the Ldap HOWTO:

- General Ldap build, installation and configuration instructions
- ACL's and security (SSL/SASL)
- Performance (indexing)
- Ldap replication.
- Referrarls
- Deploying scenarios


Content of the Ldap Integration HOWTO:

- LDAP authentication using pam_ldap and nss_ldap.

   (I wrote an article that can be easily modified to cover this part, 
   http://www.mi.infn.it/~lobiondo/ldapnis.pdf if you want to have a look)

- LDAP authentication using SASL

- Radius authentication using LDAP.

- Samba (authentication?) (when it gets ldap support)

   I wonder if Windows 2000 can authenticate using LDAP and if the schema
   used by samba and windows are the same... 


- Sendmail (both mailhost and fallback)

  There are two possible schemas here, one by Booker Bense, the other is 
  an expired internet draft described in sendmail.net: wich one will be
  the eventual schema?

- Addressbooks

   Netscape addressbooks advanced customization + schemas for

- (Netscape) Roaming access

- Publishing digital certificates with LDAP.

- SSL and SSL wrappers for openldap 1.2.x
  when and how to use SSL.

- Security issues for the above

- Performance issues for the above

- Tips & Tricks, Troubleshooting.

- Schemas used.


Wath do you think? 


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